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quarries parkVisiting Clifton Hill’s home ground in Quarries Reserve last Saturday was like going back to the early 1950's when George Cross was playing 2nd and 3rd division football on open paddocks.

Unfortunately our stocks have nose-dived and this is the price George Cross is paying following years of decline that culminated with relegation from the National Premier League in 2018.

As our boys slugged it out on this open paddock, long-time supporters at the game shook their heads in disbelief at the poor conditions our team finds itself playing in these days.

It is as if the club has gone back 70 years in time to a period when the majority of soccer grounds in Melbourne were very much like Quarries Reserve.

Arriving at this ground there was no specific entrance and spectators walked into the open ground from the many streets surrounding this venue.

Quarries Park has no player’s race to protect players or the match officials as they enter or leave the ground. There wasn’t even temporary roped-off lane.

The low fence (without any wire mesh) around the perrimetre of the ground was the only thing that separated the players from spectators. At least this was an improvement from the 1950’s when a rope was used.

The purpose of this topic is not to criticize the Clifton Hill club or their home ground, but to hopefully shake our club into action to ensure our team climbs out of these lowly divisions A.S.A.P. 

Getting back to the higher leagues of the N.P.L. is a must, if we want to stop seeing Caroline Springs George Cross FC playing at the many outdated venues occupied by many State League clubs.   
quarries park