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mark sultanaNewly elected Caroline Springs George Cross F.C. President Mark Sultana made a passionate plea for past supporters of George Cross to get back on board and help take the club back to the N.P.L. Mark's speech at the Extra-Oridinary Meeting held on Tuesday night was well received by those at the meeting. Here is a transcript of his speech:  I’m very proud to announce that I have been appointed as the President and Chairman of the George Cross football club. I feel honoured to take up this role and I commit myself to always give to the best of my ability during my tenure of the club.

Partly as a result of my Maltese heritage I have known about the club all my life having grown up in Taylors Lakes and Keilor. My father supported the club for many years including sponsoring the club.

I was educated at Assumption College in Kilmore, a school renowned for its sporting culture. This is where I played soccer and learned the skills of the game and where I developed a love for the sport.

After working at MYM Timber & Hardware with my dad, I eventually opened my own business ‘Befloored’, a timber flooring Company. This is where most people have come to know about me.

At this club I intend utilising the skills and knowledge that I have built over many years running my own business. I firmly believe every organisation requires sound leadership principles, professional management and a transparent company culture.

My aim is to further develop the club as a successful high achieving, community oriented football club where we all strive towards the same goals for the good of the club, the teams, the members and the supporters.

I am still learning all there is to learn about the club, however I am confident that with the support of the Board, the coaching staff, the players in our teams, our members and supporters, this club will resume its rightful place in the N.P.L.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, primarily the transition to the new premises in Caroline Springs. These new facilities will help open the club to greater community use and engagement. They will also contribute to the health and well-being of our community by educating, inspiring and involving people in physical activities, with particular focus on our senior and junior players. We aim to especially focus on our junior teams to help them reach their growth potential. Our future must also look towards the creation of women’s teams at both junior and senior levels.       

I urge ever member to adopt a positive outlook and to spread the word, 'George Cross is back'! I make a special plea to those lapsed supporters who for one reason or another are no longer supporters of this great club. I appeal to everyone to put aside any grieviences they may have had in the past and come back to support the club and make George Cross bigger and better than ever before. We need you back and back as members, because the club is only as strong as its membership base. 
Over the coming months the Board and I will develop a vision and business plan which we look forward to sharing with you all.

In summary I like tointroduce the 2019 Board and Coaching staff:

Mark Sultana – President and Chairman

Darren Farrugia – Vice President

Leanne Jones – Treasurer

Liza Djuric – Secretary

Mark Zahra – Director

Corey Smith - Senior coach

John Campelj - Reserve coach.

In closing on behalf of the Board I ask for your support and welcome your feedback and participation. We appreciate your contribution and we look forward to the coming season. Go Georgies!

Club President  Mark Sultana