Sunshine George Cross

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This season Georgie fans are all excited and eagerly awaiting the opening of our new stadium in Taylors Hill. Some forty-one years ago club supporters were just as excited as they celebrated the opening of the George Cross Reception Centre in Victoria Street Brunswick. It all happened on Thursday 2nd of February 1978 with a Cocktail Party in front of 500 people in attendance. 

The opening ceremony was performed by the late Federal Minister Walter Jona and blessed by the late Father George Xerri. Malta’s High Commissioner Joe Stafrace was present amongst the many political identities, V.S.F. officials and distinguished guests in attendance. 

The centre became very popular and provided a good income for the club from the numerous functions held there each weekend. Sadly the old caravan factory that was transformed into one of the best reception centres in Melbourne burnt down well after the club no longer owned it.