Sunshine George Cross

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George Cross was into its second season in 1949 when the team played their first ever match at Olympic Park on Saturday 10th of September 1949 against Juventus in a championship play-off match at Olympic Park. Both team finished equal on points in the third division and to settle who would be champion a special match was organised between these two evenly matched sides. Both teams had lost only one match all season long (to each other) and it was only fitting to have a play-off to settle the issue. This game was played as a curtain raiser to the Dockerty Cup semi-final between Western Suburbs and South Yarra and the curtain-raiser roused a lot more interest than the main event. Just like the two previous league clashes this was another tough and bruising encounter with George Cross edging out Juventus 1-0 to win the third division championship.  The large contingent of Maltese supporters celebrated in fine style when the final whistle went, but everyone had to put celebrations on hold when Juventus lodged a protest after the match. The protest, one of many that season, was duly dismissed and the 3rd division championship went to George Cross to give the club their first taste of success.

The line-up was: J Pisani, Azzopardi, J. Calleja, G. Zammit B. Calleja, F. Zammit, G. Gatt. H. Zigmond, J. Calleja, R. Mizzi, Vassallo. Subs: E. Gatt, Andolina.

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