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colombaGeorge Cross under 7 coach Jason Santana has created a GoFundMe page for his niece Colomba Iturra who was born with multiple illnesses including Cerebral Palsy, Tetraplegia, Microcephaly, Ventriculomegaly, Bilateral Polymicrogyria, Spasticity, Strabismus amongst others. Little Colomba needs treatment in the USA and donations of any amount is very much appreciated by Colomba’s parents and family. The family needs to raise over 10k to make the trip to the USA for treatment with the sole purpose of improving Colomba's quality of life and to give her hope of independence. It is moments like these that we have to help our fellow members and any support in helping Colomba is welcomed and very much appreciated by the parents and family. To make a donation you can go to our facebook page or make a donation for Colomba at the Christmas Party on Thursday night.